• Podgora

  • Andrije Kačića Miošića 2, 21 327 Podgora

Kino Mediteran began its activities in Podgora in 2017 through guest screenings, and thanks to the great interest of the audience, joint work with the Municipality of Podgora soon began on a cinema digitization project, which resulted in a successful application for investment grants from the Ministry of Culture.

The most modern contemporary equipment and projector for showing movies, a new experience of image and sound take the cinema to a completely new level. The program is organized at least twice a week, on weekends, and consists of a combination of hit titles of American production, programs for children and films of European cinema. Screenings are held two to three times a week, the box office opens an hour before the screening. You can also buy tickets online.

Let us remind you that Kino Mediteran is a project for the revitalization of cinemas in Dalmatia, the main goal of which is to revive movie theaters and summer cinemas and to bring film programs to smaller areas throughout Dalmatia where cinemas have been closed for years. The cinema in Podgora is held in partnership between Kina Mediteran, the Podgora Municipality and the Podgora Tourist Board


American production movies: €5 (HRK 37.67)

Dubbed movies for children: €4.5 (HRK 33.91)

European and other independent movies: €4 (HRK 30.14)



In case of cancellation of the screening due to technical difficulties, you can get a refund, upon presentation of the ticket, at the box office,or at ulaznice@kinomediteran.hr (for tickets purchased online). In case of beeing late for a screening-  refund is not possible.

The movie theater is available for rent and advertising. More info .

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