Kino Mediteran is the project of cinema revival in Dalmatia that aims to renew movie theaters and bring screenings to smaller towns in Dalmatia where cinemas have been closed for a long time.

The project takes place in 30 towns. During the entire year in takes place in the cities of Bol, Hvar, Imotski, Jelsa, Komiža, Lastovo, Makarska,  Podgora i Supetar.

In the remaining towns, the project mostly takes place during the summer, with periodical screenings organized also during the winter time. The long term goal of the project is to include more locations in the cinema network that operates during the entire year. The dynamic of screenings depends from town to town, and it can be from few screenings per visit organized in the form of event, to a regular cinema basis that operates weekly or daily.

Kino Mediteran offers to the local population an insight into the high-quality movies of European and world cinematography. By including the films for children in the programme, it gave the opportunity to the youngest audience to visit the cinema for the first time. Kino Mediteran, besides distributing its own films, cooperates with other Croatian distributers and a great number of film festivals, which enables them to bring to the audience always new and attractive movie programme.

Since no other cultural summer project of the host towns offered a movie programme, Kino Mediteran certainly gave a big contribution to the development of Dalmatian cultural tourism. Making bilingual subtitles for all the films during the summer season made the films accessible to the foreign visitors as well, which resulted in their high percentage of approximately 30% during the summer season.

Thanks to the great results, significant audience development and excellent cooperation with local partners, in March 2015 through the competition of Ministry of Culture, Kino Mediteran successfully digitalised the towns of Bol, Hvar, Imotski and Komiža. It is important to mention that at the beginning of the project, none of the host towns besides the town of Korcula was digitalised, so the project has a very big impact on the territory where it operates. In 2016, the town Supetar is also digitalised, and equipment was obtained for the towns of Jelsa, Lastovo and Govedari on the island Mljet. More locations are currently in the process of digitalization: Ploce, Podgora, Jelsa and Bačvice Open Air in Split.

In 2012, which was the first year of Kino Mediteran project, there were 33 screenings in 11 towns and 4.000 viewers, and the year 2019 is finalized with record breaking result of 30 participating towns, 157 films and 858 screenings visited by 59.070 spectators.

Kino Mediteran is a collaboration project of Mediterranean Film Festival Split and the host towns that support it with their sponsorship and enable its successful sustention.

The programmes are also hosted regularly by Art Kino Croatia in Rijeka, Kastaf cultural summer, Silba Environment Art and Zagreb film festival.

In 2016 Kino Mediteran bacame a member of EUROPA CINEMAS and CROATIAN INDEPENDENT CINEMAS NETWORK.

Thanks to all the partners and sponsors for the excellent cooperation!

If you want to include your town in Kino Mediteran project, send your contact to: