• Ploče

  • Ul. Silvije Strahimira Kranjčevića 4, 20340, Ploče

Kino Mediteran is a project for the revitalization of cinemas in Dalmatia, the main goal of which is to revive movie theaters and summer cinemas and to bring film programs to smaller areas throughout Dalmatia where cinemas have long been closed. The focus of the project is on European and independent films.

The project is organized by the Split Mediterranean Film Festival, and is under the auspices of the People's Open University Ploče with which we have been cooperating since 2015.

Cinema Mediteran Ploče has become a digital cinema equipped with the most modern modern equipment and a projector for showing films since 2018. The new experience of image and sound takes the cinema to a completely new level, and the rich program will continue to be organized with the program coordination of the Kino Mediteran project.

Film programs in Ploče are held twice a week in the new cinema hall in the Ploče House of Culture, and the program will consist of a combination of hit titles of American production, programs for children (synchronized) and European cinematography films (with Croatian and English subtitles).

Ticket price: 3,5 € (26,37 kn)


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