• Imotski

  • Ulica kralja Tomislava 14

After several years, the people of Imo can enjoy regular cinema screenings again, in a new, digital cinema.

The successful cooperation between Kina Mediteran and the People's Open University Imotski resulted in investment support from the Ministry of Culture for the digitization of the cinema, but also for the infrastructural arrangement of the hall.

The cinema works all year round, according to a monthly schedule, and is organized in cooperation with the Pučkim otvorenim učilištem Imotski.


American production movies: €5 (HRK 37.67)

Dubbed movies for children: €4.5 (HRK 33.91)

European and other independent movies: €4 (HRK 30.14)


The Kino Mediteran loyalty card is valid in this cinema! You can buy the card at the cinema box office. With the loyalty card, you get a discount of 50 cents ( 3,77 kn) on tickets, collect points and win prizes! Currently, a ticket with a loyalty card can only be purchased at the cinema box office.

In case of cancellation of the screening due to technical difficulties, you can get a refund, upon presentation of the ticket, at the box office, or at tickets@kinomediteran.hr (for tickets purchased online). In case of being late for a screening-refund is not possible. Thank you for your kind understanding. 

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